Oracle partition size in Mb

by on Mar.17, 2010, under Development

Make connection as system or with user with “DBA” privilege

select partition_name,segment_name,
round(sum(bytes)/1024/1024,2) as Mb
from sys.dba_segments
where 1=1
and segment_name =’SOME_PARTITIONED_TABLE’ –table name
and tablespace_name = ‘USERS’ — tablespace name
and partition_name in (‘P16032010′,’P17032010’)
group by partition_name, segment_name

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Oracle Timestamp Difference in seconds

by on Dec.23, 2009, under Development

select (TO_NUMBER(TO_CHAR(EndDate,’J’))-TO_NUMBER(TO_CHAR(CreateDate,’J’)))*86400 + (TO_NUMBER(TO_CHAR(EndDate,’SSSSS’))-TO_NUMBER(TO_CHAR(CreateDate,’SSSSS’))) AS “Delta (sec)” from table1

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MSSQL function charindex-at-n-position

by on Dec.17, 2009, under Development

To find the charindex of an expression “_” in n position say 3rd occurancein a given word ‘xx_xxx_xx_xx’
Result : 10
SELECT dbo.fn_charIndex(‘_’,3,’ xx_xxx_xx_xx’)


And the code for creating function:

Create  function dbo.fn_charIndex(@Expression varchar(256),@nPos int,@Word varchar(2000))
returns int
declare @ret int,@strt int
set @ret = 0
set @strt = 0
while not @strt = @npos
select @ret = charindex(@Expression,@Word,@ret+1)
set @strt = @strt +1
return @ret


Source: http://www.calsql.com/2009/10/function-charindex-at-n-position.html

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Installing Oracle 11g on Ubuntu 8.04 x86

by on Nov.03, 2009, under Development

Инсталация на Oracle 11G no Ubuntu – link:


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MSSQL Dates Difference

by on Sep.09, 2009, under Development

Returns the number of date and time boundaries crossed between two dates

DATEDIFF ( DatePart , StartDate , EndDate )

SET @StartDate =’2007-06-05′
SET @EndDate =’2007-08-05′

SELECT DATEDIFF(Year, @StartDate, @EndDate) AS NewDate
Return Value = 0 Year

SELECT DATEDIFF(quarter, @StartDate, @EndDate) AS NewDate
Return Value = 1 quarter

SELECT DATEDIFF(Month, @StartDate, @EndDate) AS NewDate
Return Value = 2 Month

SELECT DATEDIFF(dayofyear,@StartDate, @EndDate) AS NewDate
Return Value = 61 day

SELECT DATEDIFF(Day, @StartDate, @EndDate) AS NewDate
Return Value = 61 Day

SELECT DATEDIFF(Week, @StartDate, @EndDate) AS NewDate
Return Value = 9 Week

SELECT DATEDIFF(Hour, @StartDate, @EndDate) AS NewDate
Return Value = 1464 Hour

SELECT DATEDIFF(minute, @StartDate, @EndDate) AS NewDate
Return Value = 87840 minute

SELECT DATEDIFF(second, @StartDate, @EndDate) AS NewDate
Return Value = 5270400 second

SET @StartDate =’2007-06-05
SET @EndDate =’2007-06-06

SELECT DATEDIFF(millisecond, @StartDate, @EndDate) AS NewDate
Return Value = 86400000 millisecond

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Oracle sites

by on Mar.29, 2009, under Development

Перфектен сайт с обяснения и стъпка по стъпка инсталация и конфигуриране на Oracle ASM и др…
Ето го и сайта Manchev.org

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Нов албум е добавен в галерията

by on Mar.07, 2009, under Албуми снимки

Скоро ще добавя още много – нови и стари, първо трябва да ги групирам…

Ето линк …:: ЦъК ТуК ::… ако искаш да разгледаш…

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